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Get to Know Your Center Staff | North County Rape Crisis Quick

Center Staff

Through its prevention and intervention efforts, the Center has a total of 13 full and part-time staff positions dedicated to supporting our communities.
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Get to Know Your Center Staff

Executive Director

Ann McCarty

It’s hard to sum up in a few sentences what it means to run an organization such as this. My journey here at the Center has been filled with more than I could have ever imagined in a job. Having been hired in 1994 as the Hotline Coordinator, I had the blessing of being able to start my career off by working with some of the most dedicated individuals I’ve ever encountered, the agency’s volunteers. Running advocate training, working with our community partners, and helping to build a strong, vibrant program was what I was charged with as a young advocate myself, and I couldn’t have felt more fulfilled. I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in every single aspect of this organization over the years and assumed the role of Executive Director in 2015. The sustainability of this organization is a top priority for me and those that I have the pleasure of working with. As the agency’s Executive Director, I have the honor of working with a dedicated staff, an involved Board, and volunteers who possess more courage than I could ever completely explain. But, it’s not just about the internal workings of this organization that make us successful and able to have the ability to be a part of someone’s healing journey. It’s our relationship with our community partners, those that provide funding, and the individual donors who give so freely. I didn’t want this bio to be so much about who I am, but more so, what you mean to us. We thank you and we applaud you for helping us effect change in our community. We still have a lot of work to do and we look forward to walking with you as we do it.

Associate Director

Alison Wales

I have been blessed to be with the Center since 1993. While working on my Human Services Degree from Hancock I became aware of the Volunteer program and decided to become involved. Since then, I have never looked back. While I have earned a Master’s degree over the years, the lessons from the volunteers, staff and clients have all exceeded any textbook knowledge. A few years later, in 1996, I was hired to work on a new grant that the Center was part of. Since then, I have held many titles and roles in the Center. People sometimes wonder how I could have stayed so long in such an emotional job. Well, the answer is the people. The people that come and volunteer are wise, talented, and compassionate. My fellow staff members have bonded over the commitment to serve our clients and community. And finally, the clients. They continually demonstrate that abuse and sexual assault can be healed from. There is a never-ending stream of hope and strength and bravery coming from them. Yes, this job can be emotionally draining, but it can be exceedingly fulling at the same time.

Finance/HR Director

Karin Powers

I was born and mostly raised in Lompoc, though I moved to Phoenix in my teens and did some traveling in the southwest, living in New Mexico and Colorado for a time. I came home to the Central Coast in the ’80s and then graduated from Allan Hancock College in 2000. In 2004, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I also received a minor in Psychology, with my concentration being Social Service.

I previously worked for the Center from 2003 to 2005 as the Family Violence Prevention Coordinator, and created, directed, hosted, and produced SOS-TV (Stop Our Silence Television) for the local public access channel. I held that position for almost two years; when the grant ended, I had to move on. When my current position opened, I knew I needed to jump on it, and was very excited to be given the opportunity to return. I have had the privilege of holding the Finance/Human Resource Director position with the Center since 2008. 

My passion is human services; the reason I am dedicated to the mission of the Center is that I deeply believe that every person has the right to feel safe, to be loved and respected, and to pursue their dreams without recrimination. I work hard to show that with every grant that I write and in every interaction that I have with staff, volunteers, board members and community members. My position at the Center allows me to fight the good fight for equality every day, something for which I am very grateful.

Counseling Services Advocate


Human Trafficking/Crisis Counselor

Lorena Anguiano

Hello everyone! I am Lorena the Human Trafficking/Crisis Counselor. As a Santa Maria native, born and raised, this community and the people have always meant a great deal to me. Being able to serve and give back to the community that raised me has become one of my great passions. It has been a privilege to work for agencies that give back and assist the youth and individuals in Santa Maria. I am currently working toward obtaining a degree in psychology and social work and hope to further my education to better assist those I serve. 


Community Outreach Presenter-Lompoc


Hotline Services Coordinator

Elizabeth Ruiz

I am the new to the position of Hotline Services Coordinator, and am just getting my feet wet in my new role. My goal is to get more volunteers involved with our organization and making sure we are available to those in need of guidance. I am excited to be a part of such an amazing team and hope to make a difference. Outside of work, I enjoy planting, taking long walks with my dog and visiting my family.


School Program Coordinator

Margaret Fuentez-Smith

Hi, my name is Margaret Fuentez-Smith. My position at NCRCCPC is the School Program Coordinator, a job I love. How many people can say that about their job? Ok, most of our staff, if not all. My family and I moved to Lompoc in 1990. I have worked for a few other nonprofits, always gaining great knowledge from each place.  

August of 2003 I was blessed to start working for NCRCCPC as a ChildSAFE presenter. I had my dream job. Working with children in our ChildSAFE program. Over the years I have witnessed great strength and vulnerability with our youth, the courage they have. I am honored to work for our Center to help the children, the families that need us.  

Over the years my path has crossed many. Everyone leaves something. I know our work makes a difference. We make a difference for the betterment of our children, our survivor’s and our community that we serve. I thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish you and yours a beautiful day.  

Client Victim Advocate / Lompoc Police Department

Sabrina Ross

My name is Sabrina Ross, I am currently staffed as a full-time client advocate at the Lompoc Police Department and have been in this position with the Center for 8 years. My role consists of crisis counseling, case management, and advocacy, providing direct support services for victims of violent crime in the city of Lompoc. I have lived and worked in Lompoc for over 30 years and have a deep appreciation and love for our city. Working at the Center is important to me because I believe in our mission. Sexual and domestic violence is inevitable but the Center has developed programs and has a dedicated caring staff who provide trauma-informed community education, prevention, counseling, and advocacy throughout northern Santa Barbara County. These programs and our staff offer support and a safe place for those in need and help reduce interpersonal violence in our communities. 

North County Rape Crisis & Child Protection Center


Lompoc Office

511 E Ocean Ave, Lompoc, CA 93436

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Santa Maria Office

301 Miller St # 206, Santa Maria, CA 93454

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