In the tough times we face, many people feel stretched beyond their breaking point. Many businesses struggle to find enough staff to keep the doors open and the business operating at full capacity. Lines are long, wait times for service seems unacceptable to many, and frustrations continue to mount. At the end of the day, we are all doing the best we can. Many times when frustrations mount we forget that there are others out there that are struggling as well. We forget that people are vulnerable and are being victimized. We forget that bad things happen to good people. Luckily there are many great nonprofits in our community helping those in need, however, the increased workload has taken a toll on all of us as well.  As an agency that operates on a 24-hour clock, we never stop, because sadly, crime never takes a break.  One thing we said early on was that abuse didn’t stop just because a pandemic hit. If anything, it’s gotten worse. The Center and the advocates that are both paid staff and volunteers have been meeting the need for those who have had crimes committed against them since day one, no closure, no stopping. But, we need help. We need to refuel and rebuild our volunteer base, and we need you. While this work can be hard, volunteering can be incredibly therapeutic.  Think for a moment the impact you can have on someone who trusts you to share their story with you. Think for a moment the validation of your words and your strength as someone looks to you for guidance. Think for a moment the difference you can make.  Yes, the work is hard, but oh so meaningful. Volunteering in any capacity can have some profound impacts on your life and we encourage you to consider getting involved with our agency. We are currently registering interested individuals for our Fall Advocate training that will be conducted primarily online via Zoom. Our 48 hour state certified training covers topics such as sexual assault, child abuse, human trafficking, intimate partner violence, suicide, teen dating violence, and so much more. We encourage you to call our agency Hotline Services Coordinator Liz at 805-922-2994 or email liz@ncrccpc.org for more information. The training will be held two nights a week from 5:30pm-8:00pm. Liz can share all the details. Call now! We need you!