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The Center is Northern Santa Barbara County’s primary crisis support agency for victims of sexual violence, domestic and child abuse, and human trafficking. We serve Santa Maria, Lompoc, Guadalupe, and surrounding areas. We offer presentations, education and training, and online resources.

If You Are Assaulted

If you are being abused or are sexually assaulted, there are some important steps to take whether you or they decide to report it or not. The Center is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week via our crisis line.

Stay Informed

It is important to stay informed in the event that you should experience abuse yourself or find yourself in a position to help someone who has. The Center has a library of videos available online and frequently posts about important topics.

About the Center

As Northern Santa Barbara County’s primary resource for victims of sexual violence, victims of domestic and child abuse, crisis support, and resources and training – we are here when you need us.

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There are many ways to support The Center’s mission and we appreciate every single one.

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Educational Resources

Even though we may be teleworking, Center staff still want to offer educational opportunities for all. We will be doing a few videos that will touch on a variety of subjects. Check out our Videos page and share!

Our Mission & Vision

At The Center, we aim to alleviate the trauma experienced by survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

The purpose of the North County Rape Crisis and Child Protection Center is to reduce the incidence of and vulnerability to sexual assault and child abuse by providing education and prevention skills to community children and adults and to alleviate the trauma experienced by survivors of these crimes by providing direct services.

Know more, do more

The statistics are staggering, but we can make a difference.

Take a look at what the numbers say about the prevalence of domestic violence, sexual abuse, harassment, and child abuse and neglect among us.

8 children a day

On average, 8 children and young adults are trafficked each day in Santa Barbara County. If you or someone you know needs help, contact us immediately or text HELP to BEFREE233733.
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A recap of 2021-2022 for the North County Rape Crisis and Child Protection Center plus some exciting news on an upcoming event!



As an agency that operates on a 24-hour clock, we never stop, because sadly, crime never takes a break.  One thing we said early on was that abuse didn’t stop just because a pandemic hit. If anything, it’s gotten worse.

Our Boys Are Hurting Too

Our Boys Are Hurting Too

Our boys are hurting. Our girls are hurting. In childhood, 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused and 1in 3 girls are sexually abused in childhood. The reality of it is, we cannot address the violence against women and girls unless we also acknowledge and honestly discuss the sexual violence against our boys and men. In a CDC survey in 2015, nearly 4 million men and 5.6 million women had been victims of sexual violence from the previous year. In one year.

North County Rape Crisis & Child Protection Center


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